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    • hmmmm, my guess is that you're selling for too little, your acc gets checked and blocked or that they can see transactions in guild chest. I would seriously recommend trading insted unless it's a char on the same acc just transfer via personal bank insted I'm gonna try remaking your case when i have time and see if i have any problems
    • auto skill, auto next-stage, auto restart DG, full farm laboratory 11/4, sell stones and elixir, buy tasma aura and pass them through the guild trunk, even so, they managed to make me tradeblocked, only to the accounts that the hack was used, but not the account where the tasma arrived
    • I've yet to get tradeblocked, idk how people get hit with it, i only and always use options from the (New! Main) tab, i've heard dungeon/chars can have some concequences so i never use that, and i don't recommed using Moonloader unless you know what you're doing! Regular tradeblock can be avoided in the following way: when trading items/ed put in one random item (the one recieving) and it should not be an issue, don't send stuff over mailbox, i've heard of problems there! If you've been tradeblocked i would love to know what options you used before!
    • What I would like to know is how to avoid the tradeblock :(
    • Sup biatchesssss, i'm back with another testing to let you guys know what is safe and not! The new SD dungeons aren't timed so you can use auto kill/FMA or just whatever you want here Henir Normal: you can use Autokill or just FMA here aswell Henir Challenge: this dungeon is one of few that has a time mechanic in it, meaning if you're too fast you'll get banned! never use auto kill here and make sure that if you're hacking, be MC! a non MC on leaderboard looks weird. You can use FMA/No cooldown and no mana here just make sure to take about 3-4 mins! if you're above 3.5m cp you can do it between 2-3 mins! Raids: Rosso Story: Go solo! you can use AutoKill/FMA/NOCD/FULLMANA here, Story mode is not time based so you can finish it in less then 30 secs Rosso Normal: This is where it gets more difficult, you can use HP full, MP full but remember that people might look at your stats and wonder why you don't take dmg, also remember that if you have HP full don't let the insta kills touch you cause then you look suspicious! Berthe Story: Go solo! same here as with Rosso. AutoKill/FMA/NOCD/FULLMANA. no time limit so have fun here aswell! Berthe Normal: Same as with Rosso normal you can use some of the lesser stuff but you might look suspicious Abyss Story: Personally i haven't gotten to Abyss and Abyss Story yet but i would guess Story is the same as normals so have fun here! Abyss Normal: This is the one dungeon i would not recommend using anything. there are tons of mechanics that make it so you can't heal normally so if u have full hp here you'll be caught! Dungeons: Almost every dungeon is AutoKill/FMA/NOCD/GOD there are no time limits here what i can find! All Master Road dungeons are safe to use AutoKill in, including Hell mode! AutoKill won't work here: There are some dungeons where AutoKill won't work,  In Elysion there are some dungeons that will freeze you with autokill on, the following are: Celestial Crossroads at the split pathway: For some reason this brakes the ability to run to the teleporter and Auto next stage doesn't work at this part! Adrian's Palace at the elevator: having auto kill here or FMA and attacking while running to the teleporter can break this part making you get locked! Then in Rigomor: i've found that Sea of Ruin and Abondoned Sea mine can't be auto killed. I'll update this post whenever i find out new info/get banned/or if i run into issues with any options! Scared to use a option in a dungeon? Ask me and i'll test first/or let you know if it's safe or not! Happy Elscheating out there! -RevoUni
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