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  1. hallo bro, bisa membantu saya

    saya baru disini, dan masih belum mengerti cara memakainya. saya sudah memakai tapi cheat tidak berkerja, tolong bantuannya

  2. I'm currently testing some feature in ElsNA. I got some bug when enable auto run+attack, FMA enable by itself and it can't be disabled untill I reopen hacks
  3. your PC can't handle much memories close any other programs.. only runs elsword and hack
  4. lowering you crit damage.. use crit chance instead finish any dungeon higher than 5min
  5. autokill = auto banned search for "title hack" damage critical = use chance-critical instead, 5/5 close any other programs also, only use add dp when needed
  6. when i use cheat and play els, it's Force Close, i didnt use anti virus, can you help me?

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    2. hirosagi12


      and turn off with 2 tick crit dmg and full tick crit chance 

      what's mean?

    3. hirosagi12


      and when i play heroic, in mini boss stage, it;s always force close -_-

    4. Andry


      turn on crit-dmg and chance.. kill atleast 1 mob.. turn it off
      sometimes, effect will stay

      then, your PC can't handle much memories try use as less hack as possible

  7. from what I experince.. we don't need that host thing anymore (probably)
  8. I've read and wrote about this many times.. they'll come back asking same thing with exact same answer since 2015
  9. try to update your net framework check if your firewall block the hack allow hack to access internet there's a chance that the hack already being quarantined
  10. did follow this method correctly? V V
  11. then it would be your Internet connection or your specs.. try closing any other unused programs
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