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  1. That will depend on the people from ES/FR's Activity wheter or not a fair amount of people want the hack to be active (that's what XJapan has mentioned before)
  2. Seifer


    Welcome to the gang
  3. 1) what windows are you using? 2) Have you used the hack before the new update? 3) Do you have antivirus/malware active? (if yes , try to stop them while using the hack) 4)Check your task manager in case you have the hack opened but not seeing it ( try to finish the process and retry if this happens) 5) Reset PC, it's the usual solution
  4. That is simply because you are not using hacks that crash a lot. Meaning things that changes your stats makes you crash more than others that don't affect much the character in essence. God Mode > You never get hit, therefore the server won't receive any data regards to yourself damage FMA> it's just a mob Vac , and doesn't affect their hp/dmg/defense , etc... Item Vac > Basically an Aura.
  5. I think it's pretty normal , NA tends to crash a lot with hacks. (try to use 1 cheat at a time , use them while playing the dungeon and wait 5-10 secs to activate the next cheat) Hope this help
  6. Could those things be , because of the ads? of course i don't mean the viruses , i meant the sudden applications appearing
  7. That will happen when more people support the idea , otherwise it'll take longer than expected.
  8. Server sided , don't bother looking for one or the other.
  9. This is usually a basic solution but did you reset your PC? also what Windows are you using?
  10. No need to delete it , since that just crash the game now. Did you checked if you have any Antivirus-malware open? (check your task manager just in case)
  11. I don't get what you mean... you need to send a ticket to unlock an item? won't it be easier to just wait for the unlock? and also that depends if you used that acc as your farming account or just your regular main acc
  12. Did you by any chance deleted the Xigncode Folder?
  13. Welcome , hope you enjoy your stay. Good luck on your farmings
  14. Just couple someone and that's problem solved (CD hack if you get what i mean and no , only tick and untick it , don't leave it always 0 CD or it'll crash)
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