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  1. How exactly? Im just answering some questions
  2. Update~~ Everything goes fine now but the only problem is... The hacks didnt apply to the game... I tried all the options but nothing applies when i go to dungeon. I play in the INT server please some help me!~
  3. Hello~ Have another problem here, since the hack got "updated" to be "non-crash" the hack didnt worked at all. When I go to dungeon with damage crit, crit chance,speed hack, and full map attack it crashes everytime.I play in INT server, please someone help me.
  4. Help me please!!!!! I opened the hack did the usual things but when i turned on full map attack (BETA) damage critical,chance critical, and speed hack and when I went to dungeon it didnt do anything! please help ASAP
  5. Does the Exp title hacks work? will it contribute to my exp when I clear dungeons?
  6. Hehe thanks. Youre very nice to noobs like me
  7. HI! HAVE ANOTHER PROBLEM. Things go fine but after sometime, it becomes not responding and gives x2.exe has stopped warning sign. Ive only used the full crit chance, damage critical, full map attack and speed hack. What should I do? thanks for answering my other question. Im on Int server
  8. Hi! Can someone help me? When I go open the hack and do the usual things to make it start, when its time to open Elsword(INT) it goes to the usual login screen... I logged in but when i click on my character, the message "please wait" is just stuck there and I cant click anything to make it go away and select a channel! It only happens when I opened it with the hack. Please tell me if Im doing anything wrong and the answer to this problem.
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